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Source accommodates diverse climatic, geographic, water policy and governance settings for both Australian and international climatic conditions. At eWater, we aim to deliver training built around a framework of accomplishing your specific modelling objectives. Packages will include elements of problem exploration, best practice modelling and case studies as well as relevant functionality of the eWater software suite. 

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As part of our COVID-19 response, all our training is currently being delivered online. We tailor our training to meet your needs, contact us to arrange customised or advanced training.

Online Training

Source Module A - Catchments

Tailor made for online learning, this short course introduces the fundamentals of catchment modelling in Source, including catchment definintion and delineation, rainfall-runoff models, climatic data and model parameterisation.

Source Module B - Rivers

Tailor made for online learning, this short course introduces the fundamentals of river system modelling in Source, including building a river system model, conifiguring storages, minimum flows, supply points and water users.


Urban Developer in Source 5



This course covers the use of newly developed “Urban Developer” tool for Integrated Water Cycle Modelling (IWCM). The course covers:

  • how to configure different Urban Supply-Demand scenarios, including dwelling type, occupancy rates and water appliance type
  • modelling alternative non-potable water supply (e.g. rainwater tank)
  • integrating small-scale Urban Developer models with large-scale Source v5 water resources and planning models. 

Source Refresher - Advanced

This course is for existing Source users who have completed the fundamental training course in the past and wish to delve into the new features and enhancements, including:

  • introduction to Source for River Operations 
  • using the “Order Crawler” tool
  • the enhanced calibration tool (includes constituents)
  • improvements to Results Streaming, Command-line, Recorder Sets & Map tool
  • the Arrange Nodes plugin
  • Function and Date range improvements.

Using Source with version control (git) - Advanced 

This course is for experienced regular Source users. The course covers all tips and tricks for the management and control of Source models. Including working locally with git, creating a bitbucket repository, branching & tagging, pull $ merge conflicts, patches, pull requests, git lfs, managing mistakes, and creating a model repository

Face to Face Training

Source Fundamentals

This two-day course introduces the basic concepts of creating integrated catchment and river system planning models. Attendees will learn how constructing catchment models and running simulations for a range of scenarios helps to assess the impacts of catchment management practices on water quantity and quality outcomes.

Advanced courses

Advanced Topics in Source Hydrological Modelliing

This course builds on the Fundamentals Course, delving into more complex features and applications of Source, including:

  • Functions Manager
  • Results Manager, exploring full capability and statistics
  • Water User and Irrigator Demand Model
  • urban demands, including climate dependent demand and restrictions
  • environmental flows and demands
  • processing orders
  • advanced features of a river system model, including storages, weirs and wetlands

The Fundamentals Course is a pre-requisite for this Advanced Hydrological Modelling Course.

Source Catchments and Water Quality Modelling Specialist

This course builds on the Fundamentals Course, delving into more complex features and applications of the catchments and water Source, including:

  • advanced calibration
  • water quality modelling and calibration
  • understanding potential changes to water quality
  • assessing water quality remediation options
  • surface-groundwater interactions

The Fundamentals course is a pre-requisite for this specialist course.

Source Water Resources Assessment and Water Sharing Specialist

Advanced Source users can further their skills by taking this specialist course. Participants will learn how to develop and use sophisticated models to support all areas of water resource assessment and planning, including:

  • models as a planning tool
  • establishing a baseline
  • scenarios – choosing, developing and applying scenarios
  • resource assessment and accounting – assessing available water resources and distributing allocations
  • water accounting and sharing
  • Assign, track, manage and reassign an owner’s share of water as it moves through the river system
  • Evaluate daily operation decisions and develop seasonal operating plans
  • Multi-objective optimisation
  • Optimised Ordering (NetLP)

The Advanced course is a pre-requisite for this specialist course.

Source Customisation Specialist

This course is designed for ICT Professionals who want to develop customised plugins to work with the Source software. The course will cover:

  •  how Source customisation works
  • existing plugins
  •  requirements for developing plugins
  •  how to develop a plugin
  • sharing plugins

Participants will be required to demonstrate proficiency in C#/.NET programming environments.

Customised / in-house course

For tailored regional and international training, please send us an enquiry and we will work with you to develop a course outline to meet your specific requirements.


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