Source Fundamentals

Source Fundamentals


eWater Source is a water quality and quantity modelling framework that supports decision-making and a whole-of-catchment management approach. It allows you to model the amounts of water and contaminants flowing through a catchment as a result of different climate and catchment scenarios. It provides an interface for the input, manipulation, and output of flow and water resources related information, through the creation of models and scenarios.

This two-day course introduces the basic concepts of creating a node-link style integrated catchment and river system planning model. This course investigates working with spatial data as an input to define catchments, preparing and loading time series data, setting up rainfall-runoff models and calibration techniques. Attendees will learn how constructing catchment models and running simulations for a range of scenarios helps to assess the impacts of catchment management practices on water quantity and quality outcomes. You will then be taken through how water system planning models are typically constructed and used to address water system management problems.

Course Contents (2 days):

  • Intro to water system planning model
  • Understand the difference between water system planning models and catchment models
  • Define catchments & functional units Load time series data
  • Assign & parameterise rainfall-runoff models
  • Introduction to confluence and gauge nodes
  • Configure and simulate a model
  • Analysing results in the Results Manager
  • Rainfall-runoff model calibration
  • Creating a water system planning model using the schematic editor
  • Inflow nodes
  • Link routing
  • Storage nodes
  • Minimum flow nodes
  • Supply points and water users
  • Configuring confluences for ordering

Who should attend

It is aimed at professionals (e.g. engineering and environmental) in local government, consultancies, waterway agencies and research organisations. It should be of particular interest for consultancies hoping to work for the key state and federal jurisdictions in the process of implementing Source as the National Hydrological Modelling Platform.

What’s included?

  • Training materials containing: user manual, presentation notes and worked examples in the online eWater community
  • Meals (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea)
  • Use of required Source software for the duration of the course (public version always free from 

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Additional training

To help you get more out of Source for your modelling projects, we also offer customised courses. Please send us an enquiry.