Pluviograph Rainfall Data Tool

All MUSIC users with current Support and Maintenance get free access to our Pluviograph Rainfall Data Tool.

This easy to use utility provides access to rainfall data from 1467 stations across Australia. When using MUSIC it is essential to the integrity and accuracy to your model that you use a rainfall data set that is both local and relevant to the model.


  • Improve your MUSIC model integrity and accuracy by using local data
  • Instantly download MUSIC compatible data sets and upload them to your MUSIC model
  • Free access to 1600 Australian rainfall data sets by the Bureau of Meterology
  • User friendly map interface.


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Access Rainfall Data Tool

Note: You need your Toolkit details to log in and download the data files.

If you're having trouble accessing the tool or downloading data, please contact us on 1300-5-WATER (Intl +61 2 6206 8637) or email us at


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