Improve water efficiency and save infrastructure costs.

Urban Developer is the latest urban water modelling product from eWater and augments the market leading WSUD product, MUSIC.

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Saving water by modelling human behaviour.

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Product info

Urban Developer offers game-changing capability to rigorously model the whole urban water cycle for successful Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM).

For the first time, users can make decisions based on all elements of the urban water cycle (stormwater, wastewater and potable water) to consider a wide range of potential management options including reuse, alternative supply sources and water efficient appliances.

What does it do?

Urban Developer is decision-support tool, based on the best available science, that allows consistent cost benefit assessment of IUWM on a case-by-case, and scenario-by-scenario basis.
Urban Developer allows users to improve understanding and management of the various impacts of urban water management options from the lot to the suburb scale. It allows performance assessment of integrated urban water management options across the entire urban water cycle.
It allows users to achieve savings of:
  • water- by developing and evaluating integrated strategies that promote more efficient use of water resources
  • money- by streamlining the design process, finding innovative solutions and costing them, and reducing wastage (with water reuse options and fit-for-demand water infrastructure)
  • time- by streamling the design process.

Urban Developer technical overview

Some of the decisions that Urban Developer can support

What infrastructure mix will:

  • meet stormwater peak flow reduction and detention requirements?
  • meet stormwater quality improvement targets?
  • reduce consumptions of mains supply?
  • decrease runoff days to local streams?
  • maximise developable land?

Why it is an important tool for the industry?

Policy frameworks and decisions are becoming increasingly complex.

Regulators are encouraging alternatives options and more efficient use of water resources.

It can support stakeholder engagement and the decision-making processes by demonstrating outcomes of options.

Solutions emphasise integrated or total water cycle management for the purpose of water sensitive urban design.

Who should use Urban Developer?

Urban Developer is intended for consultants, designers and public authorities engaged in the planning, management or design of urban water cycle service systems.
For regulators, utilities and local government

Urban Developer can help water regulators, local government and utilities to develop and refine targets, requirements and policies for urban developments. It can help to inform guidelines for, and assessment of IUWM, also referred to as Total Water Cycle Management (TWCM), to:

  • meet mains water consumption targets, at particular scales
  • reduce ecological impacts of urban development on catchments
  • improve local and regional water security
  • increase the longevity of existing infrastructure.

Urban Developer can show how reuse measures and the application of demand management devices or infrastructure can be linked to meeting water use and water quality targets. For example, the impact of tank use on runoff and on mains water use.

Local governments can use Urban Developer to:

  • assess consent metrics, (eg potable water reduction target and peak runoff) in a single framework that accounts for linkages between strategies
  • meet these targets evaluate council management strategies and programs in terms of stated water quantity objectives.
For consultants, land developers and building designers

Urban Developer can reduce project costs (infrastructure and associated contributions) and add value (water use reductions and environmental sustainability) by supporting Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) to establish waterwise developments or buildings. It can also demonstrate these benefits to communities, households and businesses. Urban Developer can:

  • assist the design of a development for input into land development applications
  • assess IUWM scenarios using a consistent evaluation framework
  • analyse stormwater, potable and wastewater interrelationships, including infrastructure issues, in the context of ecosystem response and potentially changed infrastructure requirements
  • show how IUWM scenarios meet (or don't meet) legislative requirements and local targets.

Urban Developer supporting papers

Licensing & Pricing

There are three licence types available for purchase.  Please see the pricing and descriptions below.

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Licence Type Price
(incl GST)
Urban Developer Single Computer licence
For a single user accessing the software on a single computer.  The software and licence key is downloadable from our website.
  • 1 PC software licence for Urban Developer (locked to 1 computer)
  • 12 months support and maintenance (includes software updates)
Ongoing annual support and maintenance renewal per licence cost (applicable from second year onwards) $990.00











Multi-licence packages Price
(incl GST)
Discounts are available for multiple licence orders Contact us for more information
Urban Developer Single Computer short term rental licences Contact us for more information


  • Prices subject to change
  • Prices are for Australian market only. Please contact us for international pricing.
  • Support & Maintenance is included for all first year purchases of Urban Developer. To be eligible for updates, Support & Maintenance must be current and cover the life of the licence. Updates must be installed while Support & Maintenance is active. Failure to install updates during this period may result in full licence fees being payable to acquire updates.
  • For USB dongle purchases (single user and network) please allow 3-5 business days for delivery from date of payment.

System requirements

End-user licence agreement

Case studies

eWater researchers are working with partners as they refine the tools and user interface on the basis of real world simulations. This process enhances local understanding of the capability of eWater tools in the operating environment.

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Urban Developer case studies

Urban Developer supporting papers

Dr Matthew Hardy talks about the eWater urban products.


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eWater offers two support packages. Standard support is included in the licence price and is provided with every purchase of Urban Developer. Premium support is available for a separate annual fee and is the best choice for organisations where Urban Developer is a mission critical application.

Urban Developer support

System Requirements

Urban Developer User Guide



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