Water Quality Analyser is for water managers, scientists and engineers who need to monitor in-stream water quality, estimate pollutant loads, or set future water quality targets.

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Product info

With a straight-forward user interface and a focus on visualising data inputs and outputs, Water Quality Analyser helps to identify water quality trends and simplifies the path to a summary assessment.

Using Water Quality Analyser

Many organisations invest a great deal of time and effort in collecting water quality data. The collected data may be stored in many different ways, ranging from Excel spreadsheets through to complex relational databases. However, it is often difficult to access the required information without the assistance of a database expert.

Water Quality Analyser has been developed to provide a simple interface to any text-formatted database, making it easy to access and scrutinise the required water quality data. It also enhances the ability to effectively share data within and between organisations.

Water Quality Analyser brings together a collection of analytical and statistical tools, databases, a knowledge base, electronic documents (such as water quality guidelines) and a decision support system. It builds on default guideline values from ANZECC and ARMCANZ as well as some state-specific values (for example, Queensland Water Quality Guidelines 2006).

Key features:

  • Access and scrutinise water quality data from multiple sources with a simple interface
  • Compare water quality with statutory guidelines 
  • Enhance ability to share data within or between organisations.

How it works

Water Quality Analyser provides an easy-to-use interface that brings together an array of tools to help the user analyse and collate water quality data.

Data Management Module

  • a versatile time series data management utility designed for data access, validation, processing, transformation, visualisation and reporting


  • access to common water quality guideline documents
  • fully searchable electronic format

Trend Tool

  • detection of water quality trends
  • statistical testing for changes and randomness in water quality and other time series data

Guideline Tool

  • calculates locally relevant water quality guideline values
  • stores guideline values in a searchable database for later recall
  • tests new datasets against guideline values to provide a statistically sound indication of the health of a site

Loads Tool

  • presents a variety of methods for estimating pollutant loads in streams
  • time series of flow data or limited concentration values for both long-term and single events
  • includes a function to calculate event mean concentration (EMC) values

The software has been developed to meet users’ needs for better data access, visualisation and reporting.

Water Quality Analyser can be used by a broad range of users working in state and local governments, natural resource management agencies and research institutions as well as by consultants, landholders, and community-based groups.

Water Quality Analyser is the result of collaboration between eWater CRC and the Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management (QDERM).

Licensing & Pricing

For all enquiries on licensing and pricing please contact eWater on 1300-5-WATER or email us.

(incl GST)
Single copy of Water Quality Analyser
(12 month licence includes IT support only)
$660 per annum incl GST
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  • Licences are only able to be used on the computer where the licence is first activated. The licence can only be transferred to another computer by contacting the eWater Support Centre.

  • Prices subject to change

  • Prices are for Australian market only. Please contact eWater for international prices on [email protected]
    or +61 1300-5-WATER (1300 592 837)

Licence Agreement

View a copy of the End User Licence Agreement.

Please be aware of the following before you use Water Quality Analyser:

Water Quality Analyser has a wide range of uses and different modules are designed with user-friendly interfaces. The user needs basic computer literacy but no special skills are required to run the tools. However, basic skills or understanding of water quality related issues are required to operate different modules as follows.

  • Data module: Basic Knowledge of time series data and manipulations.
  • Guideline module: Knowledge of types, use and setting of water quality guidelines.
  • Loads module: Knowledge of pollutant loads, data requirements and uncertainty.
  • Trend module: Knowledge of data requirements, data processing, natural variability and compounding factors. 

Please refer to the user manual for data requirements and limitations of current version of Water Quality Analyser.

Connection to previous TREND tool:

We have captured all of the features in the previous TREND tool and re-implemented the source codes using latest technology, with higher precision. The TREND module in Water Quality Analyser does exactly the same job (statistics) and also contains certain new features and better graphical presentation. The data module does the important role of data preparation and validation and exploratory analysis before performing statistical tests which is an additional benefit (not available in the previous TREND tool) to the user.

Please check the Systems Requirements for more information on requirements.

System Requirements


For support enquiries please contact us on 1300-5-WATER or email us.

System Requirements

The end user acknowledges and agrees that the Software may only be installed and used on PC computer equipment, including a server or individual computer, which meets or exceeds the following minimum system requirements:

  • 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor;
  • Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 3) or Windows 7 operating systems;
  • a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater;
  • 200 megabytes (Mb) of free hard drive space (preferably 1Gb);
  • 1Gb RAM or greater;
  • Windows Installer 4.5;
  • .NET Framework 4.0; and
  • Internet access.

Local administrator rights may be required for installation and use of the Software.

User Manual

Please click on the button below to download a copy of the Water Quality Analyser User Guide, noting that the file size is approximately 4Mb.

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