Eco Evidence Training

Eco Evidence online course

Causal Criteria Analysis is a systematic approach specially developed by eWater CRC for examining evidence for causality between environmental stressors, management interventions and environmental outcomes.

The Causal Criteria approach helps overcome a situation that often confronts scientists and managers, i.e. where the information from the various sources provides conflicting results or advice.

Online course outline

With the Eco Evidence course, you will:

  • Gain a practical understanding of the Causal Criteria approach for evaluating causality in environmental science.
  • Use it to evaluate the quality of scientific literature evidence in terms of the study design attributes and various causal criteria.
  • Learn to use the Causal Criteria method to provide confidence when inferring a cause and effect association.

The Eco Evidence course is delivered by qualified educators with expertise in the content, via an interactive website. All the course materials and resources are available online.


AU$1,980 including GST.


To register, or for more information contact:

Sue Nichols on +61 2 6201 5408