Source 5.20 now available

eWater Source 5.20 now available

We are pleased to share with our Source community that the latest Production Release of Source version 5.20 is now available.

eWater Source is Australia’s National Hydrological Modelling Platform, providing all levels of governments, researchers, and consultants with accurate and relevant information on water supply and demand within cities, agriculture, and the environment.

Our expert team have undertaken key updates and improvements in version 5.20 which includes:

  • Updates to the Storage Ownership logic.
  • Addition of a filtering option that allows output data to be limited to specific recorder sets.
  • Enhancements to River Operations Mode, including:

    • option to override data sources in the Tabular Editor
    • option to override minimal flow requirements.

  • Updates and improvements to Continuous Accounting functionality.

Our team has also undertaken small enhances and bug fixes to improve your user experience.

As a user of eWater Source, this platform is adaptable to any region in Australia and is flexible to link new and existing models and other systems. We want to provide an exceptional user experience to enable you to make the right decisions for your local needs.  

To learn more about Source, MUSIC and or other tools and support head to our “Tools” page > https://ewater.org.au/products/

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