Training for software development team

AWS Immersion Day on Containers

Our software development team attended an Amazon Web Services Immersion Day on Containers, part of our ongoing focus to ensure that modernized versions of eWater’s Source software continue to best support Australian Governments as they continue to evolve their hydrological modelling capabilities.

We’re not talking Storage World or Marie Kondo; these Containers are packages of software containing all of the necessary elements to run in any environment. In this way, containers virtualise the operating system and run anywhere, from a private data center to the public cloud or even on a developer’s personal laptop.

Containerisation is a powerful way to ensure seamless application operation and availability during updates, load spikes, and partial error conditions.  Running containers in the cloud allows companies to build robust, scalable applications and services.

This training will help our amazing team of developers to support new projects and new ways of leveraging the power of eWater’s Source hydrological modelling tool.