The Co-operative Research Centre for Freshwater Ecology (CRCFE) was a national research centre specialising in river and wetland ecology.

The CRCFE developed ecological understanding to improve and protect Australia's inland waterways by collaborative research, education, resource management, policy advice and community liaison.

The CRC for Freshwater Ecology ceased operations in September 2005.

This website has been redeveloped as an archive of the work of the CRC for Freshwater Ecology during 1993 - 2005.

CRCFE was succeeded by eWater CRC. Please visit eWater's web site at ewatercrc
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CRCFE Head Office Introduction

The Cooperative Research Centre for Freshwater Ecology (CRCFE) began operations on 1 July 1993, as part of the Federal Government’s Cooperative Research Centres Programme. CRCFE ceased operations in September 2005, to become part of eWater CRC.

CRCFE was officially opened by Chief Scientist Professor Michael Pitman at MDFRC Albury on 23 November 1993. The University of Canberra Aquatic Ecology lab, built to house the Canberra part of the CRCFE (pictured), was opened by former Minister for Science, Senator Chris Schacht, on 23 March 1994

Links in the next column take you to a short history of CRCFE, consisting of a memoir by John Langford (with additions from Peter Cullen and Gary Jones) and a set of notes extracted from CRCFE annual reports.

Murray River (Andrew Tatnell) History of the CRCFE
Perisher Creek