National Reconciliation Day 2024

eWater Group recognises Reconciliation Day and continuing to foster collaboration with First Nations and their communities

eWater Group acknowledges Reconciliation Day as a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures, and achievements, and how we all can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia.

As an organisation, we are committed to encompassing the experiences of First Nations people in all aspects of our work through better engagement and recognition of in the invaluable knowledge and capabilities of First Nations in the water sector.

Michael Wilson, eWater Group CEO, said “our work is centered around integrity, building value and opportunities for all Australian governments, as well as sustaining and enriching our partners and the communities and their people that we support, including First Nations people.”

“We recognise that while are collaborating and supporting the unique experiences and knowledge of First Nations people in water management, there is also more to be done and we look forward to fostering more opportunities and representation of First Nations people and their communities. Mutual trust and respect is a necessary precondition for any knowledge sharing. Some traditional knowledge cannot be shared, and some is sensitive and must be treated and protected accordingly. eWater is committed to holding these principles as absolute.”

The Australian Water Partnership is working together with First Nations people to increase engagement and collaboration, and actively incorporating their knowledge on land and water to the design of locally led water management activities. Learn more about AWP’s work >  

eWater Solutions is also working toward ensuring Australian water managers can plan for and respond to future challenges and opportunities through the incorporation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander water management practices within our hydrological and software platforms.

eWater Group acknowledges Reconciliation Day today and continuing to foster better collaboration with First Nations people and their communities.