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The Drought Science webpages bring together information and links to do with the ecology, climate science and hydrology of drought in south-eastern Australian water catchments.

The site is organised as follows:

  • Background - general information under 11 headings.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - short answers to a number of questions arranged by topic area and searchable by keyword.
  • Keywords - This section allows you to view the bibliography and FAQ entries for each keyword.
  • Bibliography - This part of the site provides a list of relevant publication references, searchable by keyword.
  • Downloads - This part of the site provides a list of downloadable articles on various topics pertaining to drought science. These articles are more detailed than the pages in our Background section.
  • Links - other web sites relevant to drought science (rather than drought support funding). Please let us know if you would like to see additional URLs on drought science added.
  • Contacts - names and contact details of researchers who can provide advice on the topic of drought. If you would like to be added to this list, please let us know.

The Drought Science webpages have been written during 2007, and are being added to as new pages of information are assembled.


Particular thanks to:
Professor Angela Arthington (Griffith University, Queensland), Professor Sam Lake and Dr Nick Bond (Monash University, Victoria) and Dr Jon Marshall (Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Water) have contributed much of the substance of the pages on drought in ecosystems.

Thanks also to these contributors for their valuable input:
Dr Margaret Brock
Dr Stewart Franks
Dr Daryl Nielsen
Dr David Crook
Dr Michael Stewardson
Paul Wettin
David Robinson
Dr Satish Choy
Dr Ian Overton
Dr Tim McVicar
Professor Richard Norris
Dr Paul Reich
Ian Lawrence

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