Research (CRCFE I)
Research (CRCFE I)

Azolla in a  billabong at Albury (Andrew Tatnell)
The Cooperative Research Centre for Freshwater Ecology (CRCFE) began operations on 1 July 1993, as part of the Federal Government’s Cooperative Research Centres Programme.

CRCFE mark 1 ran until June 1999.

This section gives some information about projects and outputs from CRCFE mark 1. Some of the entries may not be complete, so for further information on outputs of CRCFE mark 1, refer to the CRCFE publications database.

To browse projects and (some) outputs of CRCFE Mark I, use the 'Projects Listing' and 'Freshwater explorer' in the left hand menu.

Cumbungi (Andrew Tatnell)