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Development of a spatio-temporal index of vegetation condition using satellite imagery: algorithm development and preliminary findings. Cassar, D. and Chafer, C.J. 2007
Distinctiveness of wildfire effects on soil erosion in south-east Australian eucalypt forests assessed in a global context. Shakesby, R.A., Wallbrink, P.J., Doerr, S.H., English, P.M., Chafer, C.J., Humphreys, G.S., Blake, W.H. and Tomkins, K.M. 2007
Water yield patterns over a 15 year period in 7 subcatchments of the Hawkesbury-Nepean catchment. Chafer, C.J. 2007
Wildfire, catchment health and water quality: a review of knowledge derived from research undertaken in Sydney's water supply catchments 2002-2007 Chafer, C.J. 2007
Impacts of water quality by sediments and nutrients released during extreme bushfires: Report No. 4. Impacts on Lake Burragorang. Wilkinson, S., Wallbrink, P., Blake, W., Doerr, S.H. and Shakesby, R.A. 2007
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Remote sensing of fire severity in the Blue Mountains: influence of vegetation type and inferring fire severity. Hammill, K.A. and Bradstock, R.A. 2006
Climate variability in the land of fire and flooding rain. Keim, A., Franks, S. and Verdon, D. 2006
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Changes in sediment loads and discharge from small mountain catchments following wildfire in south eastern Lane PNJ, Sheridan PJ, Noske PJ. 2006
Technical Report 2: Upland Swamp development and erosion on the Woronora Plateau during the Holocene. Tomkins, K.M. and Humphreys, G.S. 2006
Contemporary versus long-term denudation along a passive plate margin: the role of extreme events. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms Tomkins, K.M., Humphreys, G.S., Wilkinson, M.T., Fink, D., Hesse, P.P., Doerr, S.H., Shakesby, R.A., Wallbrink, P.J. and Blake, W.H. 2006
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Wildfire as a hydrological and geomorphological agent. Shakesby, R.A. & Doerr, S.H. 2006
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Impacts of wildfire on effective sediment particle size: implications for post-fire sediment budgets. Blake, W.H., Droppo, I.G., Wallbrink P.J., Doerr, S.H., Shakesby, R.A. and Humphreys, G.S. 2005
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Development of a hillslope model for predicting erosion and water quality impacts of wildfire in SE Australia. Sheridan GJ, Lane PNJ and Noske PJ. 2005
Recent lessons on river rehabilitation in eastern Australia Cottingham P., Bond N., Lake P.S., Arthington A., Outhet D. 2005
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Heating effects on water repellency in Australian eucalypt forest soils and their value in estimating wildfire soil temperatures. Doerr, S.H., Blake, W.H., Shakesby, R.A., Stagnitti, F., Vuurens, S.H., Humphreys, G.S. and Wallbrink, P. 2004
The post-fire measurement of fire severity and intensity in the Christmas 2001 Sydney wildfires. Chafer, C.J., Noonan, M. and Macnaught, E. 2004
Postfire seeding for erosion control: effectiveness and impacts on native plant communities. Beyers JL. 2004
Postfire management of forested public lands of the western United States. Beschta, R.L., Rhodes, J.J., Kauffman, J.B., Gresswell, R.E., Minshall, G.W., Karr, J.R., Perry, D.A., Hauer, F.R., Frissell, C.A. 2004
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Responses of stream benthic macroinvertebrates to fire. Minshall GW. 2003
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Use of seasonal streamflow forecasts in water resources management Chiew, F.H.S., Zhou, S.L., McMahon, T.A. 2003
Fire and organic substrates: soil structure, water quality and biodiversity in far southwest Western Australia. Horwitz, P., Sommer, B., and Judd, S. 2003
Landslide occurrence as a response to land use change: a review of evidence from New Zealand Glade, T. 2003
A quantitative framework for evaluating the mass balance of in-stream organic debris. Band, L.E., Sias, J.C. 2002
Effects of catchment perturbations by logging and wildfires on zooplankton species richness and composition in Boreal Shield lakes. Patoine A, Pinel-alloul B, Prepas EE. 2002
Fire intensity, slopewash and bio-transfer of sediment in Eucalypt forest, Australia Dragovich, D., Morris, R. 2002
Modelling the impacts of climate change on Australian catchments Chiew, F.H.S., McMahon, T.A. 2002
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Improved methods to assess water yield changes from paired-catchment studies: application to the Maroondah catchments Watson, F., Vertessy, R.A., McMahon, T., Rhodes, B., Watson, I. 2001
Issues in the use of stochastically generated data for Melbourne Water headwork system Kularathna, M.D.U., Rhodes, B.G., Woodland, J. and Wang, Q.J. 2001
Identification and explanation of continental differences in the variability of annual runoff. Peel, M.C., McMahon T.A., Finlayson, B.L. and Watson, F.G.R. 2001
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Post-Fire Runoff and Erosion from Rainfall Simulation: Contrasting Forests with Shrublands and Grasslands Johansen, M.P., Hakonson, T.E. and Breshears, D.D. 2001
Post-Fire Runoff and Erosion from Simulated Rainfall on Small Plots, Colorado Front Range Benavides-Solorio, J. and MacDonald, L.H. 2001
Post-fire, rainfall intensity-peak discharge relations for three mountainous watersheds in the western USA Moody, J.A., Martin, D.A. 2001
Wildfire-streamflow interactions in a chaparral watershed. Loaiciga HA, Pedreros D, Roberts D. 2001
Restoration of degraded lands in the interior Columbia River basin: passive vs active approaches. McIver J. and Starr L. 2001
Water quality, substratum and biotic responses of five central Idaho (USA) streams during tghe first year following the Mortar Creek fire. Minshall, G.W., Brock, J.T., Andrews D.A., Robinson, C.T. 2001
Benthic macroinvertebrate assemblages in five central Idaho (USA) streams over a 10 year period following disturbance by wildfire. Minshall, G.W., Robinson, C.T., Lawrence, D.E., Andrews D.A., Brock, J.T. 2001
Predicting Floodplain Boundary Changes Following the Cerro Grande Wildfire McLin, S.G., Springer, E.P., Lane, L.J. 2001
A Process for Fire-Related Debris Flow Initiation, Cerro Grande Fire, New Mexico Cannon, S.H., Bigio, E.R. and Mine, E. 2001
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Comparison of Soil Infiltration Rates in Burned and Unburned Mountainous Watersheds Martin, D.A. and Moody, J.A. 2001
Developing a Post-Fire flood Chronology and Recurrence Probability from Alluvial Stratigraphy in the Buffalo Creek Watershed, Colorado, USA Elliott, J.G. and Parker, R.S. 2001
Factors determining relations between stand age and catchment water balance in mountain ash forests Vertessy, R.A., Watson, F.G.R., O'Sullivan, S.K. 2001
Early post-fire regeneration in subalpine heathland and grassland in the Victorian Alpine National Park, south-eastern Australia. Wahren C-HA, Papst WA, Williams RJ. 2001
Benthic macroinvertebrate biomass and wildfires: evidence for enrichment of boreal subarctic lakes. Scrimgeour GJ, Tonn WM, Paszkowski CA, Cameron Goater C. 2001
A comparative analysis of the flooding and fire effects on the energy exchange in a wetland community (Morichal) of the Orinoco Llanos. San Jose JJ, Meirelles M.L., Bracho R., Nikonova N. 2001
Response of the Cache Creek macroinvertebrates during the first 10 years following disturbance by the 1988 Yellowstone wildfires. Minshall GW; Royer TV, Robinson CT. 2001
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Forest age-induced changes in evapotranspiration and water yield in a eucalypt forest Cornish, P.M., Vertessy, R.A. 2001
A GIS-based Hillslope Erosion and Sediment Delivery Model and its Application in the Cerro Grande Burn Area Wilson, C.J., Carey, J.W., Beeson, P.C., Gard, M.O. and Lane, L.J. 2001
Strength and Persistence of Fire-Induced Soil Hydrophobicity under Ponderosa and Lodgepole Pine Colorado Front Rang Huffman, E.L. MacDonald, L.H. Stednick J.D. 2001
Streamflow response of mixed-species eucalypt forests to patch cutting and thinning treatment Lane, P.N.J., Mackay, S. 2001
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Spatial and temporal effects of wildfire on the hydrology of a steep rangeland watershed Pierson, F.B., Robinchaud, P.R., Spaeth, K.E. 2001
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