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Impacts of fire on soil
Notes Prepared by Neil McKenzie (CSIRO Land and Water, Canberra)
The influence of hydroclimate on the hydrological impact of bushfires in southeast Australia
Notes prepared by Francis Chiew (University of Melbourne)
Wildfire, Catchment Health and Water Quality: a review of knowledge derived from research undertaken in Sydney's Water Supply Catchments 2002-2007
This paper summarises knowledge gained from an extensive research program undertaken by the Sydney Catchment Authority and collaborators in relation to wildfire, catchment management and water quality. Notes prepared by Chris Chafer (Sydney Catchment Authority).
Sand slugs and stream degradation: the case of the granite creeks, North-east Victoria.
Technical Report 7/2000, CRCFE, Canberra. Technical report prepared by Davis, J. and Finlayson, B.
Recent lessons on river rehabilitation in eastern Australia
Technical report 2005, CRCFE, Canberra. Technical report prepared by Cottingham P., Bond N., Lake P.S., Arthington A., Outhet D.
WaterShed: Effects of bushfire on stream ecology
Notes prepared by Tom Nelson and Ann Milligan
Angling after the 2003 fires
This article from The Flyfisher Vol. 9 is published here with permission from the publishers, Australian Fishing Network. It describes stream condition after major bushfires, from the points of view of a fly fisher and a freshwater ecologist.
Bushfire and stream-ecosystem processes
A poster by Tom Nelson for his Honours project on the after effects of the 2003 bushfires in ACT catchments. Published here with permission.