This website is for archival purposes and is no longer updated. For more information, please contact eWater CRC.


This website is designed to support southeastern Australian land and water managers in assessing the impacts and planning rehabilitation of catchments following bushfires. The content is general and is intended to serve as an adjunct to other information sources on the topic.

The organization of the site is as follows:

  • Background - This section provides an introduction to the hydrologic, ecological and associated environmental impacts of bushfires.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - This section offers short answers to frequently asked question (FAQs), and is arranged by topic area and searchable by keyword.
  • Keywords - This section allows you to view the bibliography and FAQ entries for each keyword.
  • Bibliography - This part of the site provides a list of relevant publication references, searchable by keyword.
  • Downloads - This part of the site provides a list of downloadable note sets on various topics pertaining to bushfires and hydrology. These notes are more detailed than provided in the Background section.
  • Links - This part of the site provides links to other web sites relevant to bushfires and catchments. Please let us know if you would like to see additional URLs added.
  • Contacts - This part of the site lists names and contact details of researchers that can provide advice on the topic of bushfires and hydrology. If you would like to be added to this list, please let us know.


This version of the "Bushfire and Catchments" site was completed during early 2007. Particular thanks to Chris Chafer (Senior Spatial Analyst with the Sydney Catchment Authority) who compiled key results from Sydney Catchment Authority (SCA) research since the 2001 bushfire near Sydney, and Professor Richard Norris (University of Canberra) and Ann Milligan (Communications Manager with eWater CRC) for sourcing and editing much of the new information. The support of Barrie Turner and Brian Spies from Sydney Catchment Authority during the project was sincerely appreciated.

The website development and design team comprised Herry Hamidjaja, David Perry and Ann Milligan, from eWater. Susan Daly from Discoverme Design contributed the graphic and web design.

The original site entitled 'Bushfire and Hydrology' was conceived and developed by the CRC of Catchment Hydrology staff in response to the devastating bushfires across southeastern Australia during January 2003. The CRC established a Management Agency Advisory Panel to determine industry needs. The panel members were:

  • John Dymke (ACTEW-AGL)
  • John Franklin (DLWC)
  • Christoph Zierholz (DLWC)
  • Pat Feehan (Goulburn-Murray Water)
  • Sally Troy (Parks Victoria)

The orginal science contributors to the website from the CRC for Catchment Hydrology included:

Emmett O’Loughlin
Hydrologic Modelling, Water Yield Impacts

Rob Vertessy
Hydrologic Modelling, Water Yield Impacts

Peter Hairsine
Erosion Impacts, Road Runoff and Sediment Generation

Rodger Grayson
Hydrologic Modelling, Water Quality Impacts

Francis Chiew
Hydrologic Modelling, Climate Variability, Climate Change

Mike Stewardson
Ecologic Impacts, Aquatic Habitat Changes

Ian Rutherfurd
Geomorphology, Erosion Impacts on Rivers

Ian Prosser
Geomorphology, Erosion Impacts on Rivers

Neil McKenzie
Pedology, Soils Impacts, Soil Hydrolaulic Properties

Chris Chafer
Bushfire Effects in Sydney Water Supply Catchments

Richard Norris
Freshwater Ecology and Catchment Management