Hobart Road Show: Presentations now available

Monday 21 February 2011

Water management: Supporting better decision-making

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The water industry is grappling with the need to effectively and accurately analyse alternative water management and climatic scenarios within rapid timeframes. Water systems modelling is now a mission critical tool to support this objective, requiring the seamless integration and synthesis of complex information from a range of disciplines and fields of knowledge.

This session featured a panel of industry experts and provided real world examples of the modelling system in action.

The presentations from this session are available here:

  • Introduction - Prof Gary Jones (PPS, 4mb)
  • The Tamar and Esk Rivers Overview - Tony Weber (PPS, 10.9mb)
  • Building Australia's new integrated modelling system - Dr Peter Wallbrink (PPS, 2.5mb)
  • Suburban water management (Urban Developer) - Dr Matt Hardy (PPS, 2.6mb)
  • Quantifying environmental water needs (Eco Tools) - Dr Nick Marsh (PPS, 2.8mb)