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MUSIC by eWater – market leading stormwater management software

Designed to help urban stormwater professionals visualise possible strategies to tackle urban stormwater hydrology and pollution impacts.

As an aid to decision-making, MUSIC – Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation –  predicts the performance of stormwater quality management systems. It is intended to help organisations plan and design (at a conceptual level) appropriate urban stormwater management systems for their catchments.

"MUSIC is an easy to use modelling tool for both simple and highly complex urban stormwater systems using water sensitive urban design.  It can simulate urban stormwater systems ranging from a suburban block up to a whole suburb or town (0.01 km2 to 100km2). The time scale can start at 6 minutes and stretch up to 24 hours.  

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MUSIC v6.3 now available

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1 Nov 2017 – This is a regular annual release to keep MUSIC up-to-date with new science, and to fulfil the latest industry requirements. We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of all industry leaders and beta testers.

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What’s new in MUSIC v6.3

In this release, we have added several enhancements, including:

  • Runs at a 5 minute time step
  • Fix for out of memory when running large projects
  • Custom storage relationship fixed
  • Command line should now work for all projects
  • Improved validation messages
  • Fixed Import/Export Errors for some MSF files 
  • Updated the GPT User interface

Also available since version 6 is MUSIC-link. This major new feature streamlines the process of assessing the compliance of water sensitive urban designs submitted against guidelines from a council or other Local Government Authority. Currently, fourteen councils throughout Australia have joined in MUSIC-link.

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"The improvements in Version 6 provide greater flexibility for modelling innovative stormwater reuse systems and simplify tasks like sediment basin design." – Dr Dale Browne, Senior Engineer, E2Designlab

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