eWater Source — Australia's national hydrological modelling platform

Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) combined with water policy and governance capability.

eWater Source – Australia's National Hydrological Modelling Platform (NHMP) – is designed to simulate all aspects of water resource systems to support integrated planning, operations and governance from urban, catchment to river basin scales including human and ecological influences. Source accommodates diverse climatic, geographic, water policy and governance settings for both Australian and international climatic conditions.  

Source provides a consistent hydrological and water quality modelling and reporting framework to support transparent urban, catchment and river management decisions. Fundamental to this design is the flexibility which makes it readily customisable and easy to update as new science becomes available. New capabilities can be incorporated via plugins developed to suit particular needs while maintaining the overarching consistent decision and policy framework.

We have released a free public version of Source, which is suitable for IWRM studies and development of customised Decision Support Systems. Source (public version) is a fully-featured hydrological, water balance and water quality tool, an ideal entry point for Transboundary IWRM studies and research based on the leading hydrological and water quality foundations of Source. For more information on this free version of Source, see Overview – Source (public version).

eWater and its Australian government and industry partners have completed more than 100 Source applications, and inform on water policy, water sharing plans and catchment management.  For applications visit www.ewater.com.au/casestudies

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Why use Source?

Water governance capability  (only available in the full version of Source)
Allows the investigation, implementation and operation of water entitlements, allocation and governance in national and international settings.

Representing Australia’s water story
Source is a nationwide collaboration effort backed by the Australian government, with over 20 years of scientific research, development and applications, and is built to meet the diverse climatic, geographic, water policy and governance settings across the country, with over 100 applications nationally.

The future of water modelling
As Australia’s national hydrological modelling platform, backed by The Council of Australian Governments, Source will gradually replace the current range of Australian river models used in various jurisdictions as they are retired.

Leading science supporting policy
Source provides integrated, system-scale analyses which are necessary to determine the most effective and efficient arrangements in complex management situations. It balances the need for a consistent water modelling and reporting framework to aid transparent decisions, with flexibility for tailored decision support.

Flexible and extensible
The open software architecture of Source means new capabilities can be incorporated via tailored plug-ins, and it also permits users to incorporate existing models, saving development time and the need to establish the credibility of the model.

Easy-to-use graphical interface
A high-level graphical interface based on a conceptual view of the watershed or river, allowing the user to quickly and easily explore with stakeholders the practical way a river basin operates, without significant data requirements.

Expert software training and support
Solution focused training programs, support packages and online resources are supported by industry knowledge and multidisciplinary expertise to engage users and solve modelling challenges with Source.

Supported by a community of practice
The Source Modelling Community fosters conversation and the collection of knowledge and resources necessary for water modelling, contributing to the wider knowledge pool.

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Using Source to manage catchments

eWater Source enables local knowledge, data and models to be combined with industry best practice to generate effective, transparent catchment management scenarios and options.

The software provides a framework for modelling the amounts of water and contaminants flowing though a catchment and into major rivers, wetlands, lakes, or estuaries. Source integrates an array of models, data and knowledge that can be used to simulate how climate and catchment variables (rainfall, evaporation, land use, vegetation) affect runoff, sediment and contaminants. The output can be used to offer clear scenarios and options for making improvements in a catchment.

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Using Source to manage rivers

eWater Source can be used in planning and operations modes for river management and has been developed to address water sharing and savings for entire river and connected groundwater systems. It offers important new features and capabilities dealing with water reform, climate change and environmental water.

Source provides a consistent modelling environment to support transparent river management decisions. Fundamental to this design is the flexibility which makes it readily customisable and easy to update as new science becomes available. New capabilities can be incorporated via plug-ins developed to suit particular needs.

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Using Source to manage urban water

Source can be used for urban water supply management at the town, city, and regional scale. It can assess a full range of supply and reuse options including desalination. This allows users to incorporate towns and cities into water management models for river systems.

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