Have your say: Source Modelling Community of Practice workshop

Monday 10 September 2012

As part of eWater’s commitment to enabling best practice water management, we are establishing a community of practice. The aim of this online workshop is to help us define the community’s focus and content.

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The community will be a collaborative workspace where water modellers and managers can get the most out of eWater’s products and can access useful data, information and experts.

What: Online workshop to help us define the community's focus and content.
Who: Anyone interested in eWater's products and best practice water modelling.
When: Mon 10 - Thu 13 September, for 15 minutes daily between 9am and 3pm AEST,
plus brief a follow-up on Mon 17 Sep, 2012.
How: Participate in an online forum activity and complete a brief follow up survey.


We have completed user scoping interviews with a small group of product users, now we want to open up the conversation and get your input. Workshop discussion topics will cover:

  • scope of the community – what are you interested in learning or talking about

  • participation – how do you prefer to get information and communicate with your peers

  • community etiquette – what values will promote a collaborative and supportive environment.

**Workshop completed 13 Sept 2012**

Thank you to those who participated for your valuable insights into how the Source Modelling Community would best suit you and your peers.