eWater at Hydrology & Water Resources Symposium

Monday 19 November 2012

Sydney 19-22 Nov 2012
Come and see us at Dockside, Cockle Bay Wharf in the Darling and Quay Rooms.

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We will be exhibiting at this event and a number of the papers being presented discuss eWater products.

The papers relating to eWater products and/or partner research are:

Paper Title
Alice Brown
Using optimisation to inform the management of environmental water holdings
Robert Carr
eWater Source – Australia’s Next Generation IWRM Modelling Framework
Robert Carr
A Pilot Study of Tradeoffs Between Flood Mitigation and Supply Security for South-East Queensland using eWater Source
Lydia Cetin
Trialling eWater Source with a simplified Pioneer catchment
Jie Chen
Comparing Efficiency of Water Distributions in Heuristic and Optimised Ordering Systems: A Case Study in Goulburn River Systems
Francis Chiew
Hydroclimate Baseline and Future Water Availability Projections for Water Resources Planning
Dushmanta Dutta
A Daily River System Model for the Murray-Darling Basin: Development, Testing and Implementation
Dushmanta Dutta
Implementation of Continuous Sharing Resource Assessment System in Source: An Application in the Macintyre Brook River
Prasanna Egodawatta
Understanding Treatment Characteristics of Constructed Stormwater Wetlands.
Keirnan Fowler
Decision support and uncertainty in self-supply irrigation areas
Justin Hughes
The effect of stream network simplification on river model performance
Monzur Alam Imteaz
Stormwater Treatment Systems Cost Optimisation using MUSIC
Shaun Kim
A River Modelling Platform for Building a Simplified Daily River System Model for the Murray-Darling Basin
Shaun Kim
Investigation of different loss and gain accounting methodologies for river system modelling
Julien Lerat
Towards the adoption of uncertainty assessment in water resources models: the eWater Source uncertainty guideline
Uttam Manandhar
Modelling Goulburn-Broken-Campaspe-Loddon Catchment with ‘Source Rivers’ Software
Rose Mannik
Applying eWater Source as the catchment model for the Hawkesbury–Nepean Water Quality Model System
Shaun Kim
A River Modelling Platform for Building a Simplified Daily River System Model for the Murray-Darling Basin
Marlene van set Sterren
Modelling a residential catchment, an industrial catchment and a catchment under construction to evaluate the quality and quantity of storm water discharges into a Coastal Salt Water Lake
Kim Seong Tan
Assessing Catchment Runoff Responses under Dry and Wet Year Scenarios - a Case Study
Jai Vaze
Modelling high and low flows in a changing climate: Influence of objective function selection
Peter Wallbrink
eWater’s Quality Assurance Approach for Developing and Applying Water Management Models