Urban Developer Case Studies

Restoring Moreton Bay to Health Using TWCM

Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) has become the first LGA to make significant progress with TWCM Planning. By identifying the unique challenges of the region through the TWCM Plan, the Council hopes to ensure the existing social, environmental and economic values of the region are maintained or enhanced.

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Saving water at JCC, QLD

In 2006, the Queensland Government Accommodation Office determined that its planned new Government Joint Contact Centre (JCC) should be as 'green' as possible. The building was to achieve a high Environmentally Sustainable Design rating. Design decisions had to be framed to achieve 'green' benefits, short payback periods, and highest possible quality. These advances will be cemented with the help of Urban Developer.

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Integrated urban water management: Woden Valley, ACT

The reliability of surface water resources in Australia is increasingly coming under scrutiny under the weight of population growth, natural climate variability and the potentially lower rainfalls and higher temperatures expected under climate change.

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