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MUSIC by eWater – market leading stormwater management software

Designed to help urban stormwater professionals visualise possible strategies to tackle urban stormwater hydrology and pollution impacts.

As an aid to decision-making, MUSIC – Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation –  predicts the performance of stormwater quality management systems. It is intended to help organisations plan and design (at a conceptual level) appropriate urban stormwater management systems for their catchments.

"MUSIC is an easy to use modelling tool for both simple and highly complex urban stormwater systems using water sensitive urban design.  It can simulate urban stormwater systems ranging from a suburban block up to a whole suburb or town (0.01 km2 to 100km2). The time scale can start at 6 minutes and stretch up to 24 hours.  

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MUSIC v6 now available

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MUSIC version 6 features MUSIC-link, a time-saving feature which pre-loads Council requirements into MUSIC, for use by developers designing stormwater systems, and provides reports for Council staff checking the compliance of stormwater designs. MUSIC v6 also has improved usability and integrates many design calculations previously done outside the software.

Key features introduced in MUSIC v6 allow users to:

  • apply MUSIC-link: customised functionality to benefit councils and WSUD consultants;
  • import external time-series flow data on source nodes, and then use MUSIC to predict water quality;
  • specify an initial volume for all storage nodes; in earlier versions of MUSIC you had to assume the storage was full at the beginning of a run — now MUSIC v6 provides greater flexibility;
  • include a maximum drawdown limit for all storage nodes with stormwater harvesting options — to preserve wetland plants, for instance;
  • estimate the surface area for a sedimentation basin and the inlet volume for wetland nodes, allowing you to design these stormwater features using WSUD guidelines within MUSIC;
  • add multiple rainwater tanks (with the same properties) in a model, improving usability;
  • include flow-based capture efficiency for the gross pollutant trap and generic nodes, allowing for improved handling of pollutants;
  • apply additional properties in the vegetated swale node, including swale capacity; this means it is easier to see the results of changing parameters, so modellers can better understand the characteristics of swales without reference to external software or calculations;
  • better apply treatment nodes with storage, which now have improved reuse functionality;
  • make use of enhanced command-line-run functionalities; and
  • better use flux files, which now include the time-step timestamp, and are now also saved to the .csv file format, to improve their usability.
MUSIC v6 includes MUSIC-link

"The improvements in Version 6 provide greater flexibility for modelling innovative stormwater reuse systems and simplify tasks like sediment basin design." – Dr Dale Browne, Senior Engineer, E2Designlab

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